Roscoe, American Kestrel


Roscoe P. Coltrane is an American Kestrel that joined KG Hawks on the 10th of October, 2014. He was born on 28 July, so he’s still a very young bird. Roscoe has a personality that’s much larger than his little body (he weighs less than 100 grams) and doesn’t hesitate to let you know how he’s feeling!

Since arriving, Roscoe has been a fast learner. He’s already spending lots of time sitting on Ashley’s hand and has taken to eating off the glove very well. He flies to every member of the family now when he’s hungry and lands so gently we often don’t use a glove.

Roscoe spends quite a bit of time in the office where Ashley talks to him and cuddles him on a regular basis. He loves to perch on the top of Ashley’s laptop while she’s working. The entire family enjoys visiting him, especially at night, when he has a full belly and puffs up to go to sleep.

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