Media Work, Art, Photography

KG Hawks offers our birds for a variety of Media work including

  • Film or TV  – We tailor make the experiences to suit your needs, whether its for a short documentary or  a blockbuster movie we have birds that can help capture that stunning shot.
  • Art – Whether you are a student wishing to add to your portoflio or a professional artist our birds may just help you create that masterpiece. We off you the chance to meet the birds, take pictures for reference and even take a feather away with you.
  • Photography – We hold photography courses set in natural conditions with a range of birds for yourself, friends or your camera club to come along and capture some stunning images, whether you are an amateur photographer wishing to take some excellent pictures up to a professional needing certain shots for their business we can tailor make each session for you. All our birds are also comfortable working with models.

Some images taken at a recent photoshoot. Photographers A.Morley and K.Crawford


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