Another Busy Show Season

Hi everyone

Apologies for not keeping you all up to date but we have been so busy with the show season.

SO to give a brief update

New Birds 

Snoopy Little Owl –








Phoenix – Female Harris Hawk –









BigBee – Male Common Buzzard–








We have been very very busy appearing at shows across Scotland and as far afield as Yorkshire.

With our diary starting to fill up for next year if you would like us to appear at your event, Gala, Fete, Fund-raiser, Wedding or Birthday please get in touch SOON.

We work on first come first served basis and although we hope to be able to attend two events in one day this is not always possible.

Here are a few images from our events so far this year.

















We have now launched our wedding packages each tailor made for your big day. If you wish something different to keep your guests entertained after the happy ceremony or wish photos in your finest with any of the birds we offer a whole range of services, so please get in touch.

We have recently conducted some photo shoots with the birds “out in nature”. These have proven to be very popular allowing photographers to capture some superb natural looking shots. So if you are a member of a club and fancy a few hours out getting some great pictures again get in touch and we will tailor make a package to suit your club.



As well as our new birds we also have two new Ferrets, Bandit and Sandy.

As well as being trained to help with hunting these two are quite the playful characters and very very friendly. S0265058








We are looking for MORE VOLUNTEERS!!!

If you want to help out with the birds, shows etc then please feel free to contact us. Previous experience is not essential but a love and respect of animals is!

Driving license would be a help.

FALCONRY COURSES are now fully available. We offer to teach you Falconry at your own pace, whether it takes 6 weeks or 3 years, we base the course around your free time and we ensure you are fully confident as you progress along the course.


Yes I know we dread to hear it but its getting close to that time again.

If you are running a Christmas fete now is the time to start looking to book us in. Again we work on a first come first served basis and can happily accommodate indoor venues. If you wish to book us into your Christmas fayre or event please drop us a line. Our basic service with handling fees is no charge to the organisers!



We may have failed in our crowdfunding attempt to get our wild birds of prey rescue facility off the ground but we are still determined to go ahead. We hope to have some aviaries built soon and we are slowly gaining the materials for the hospital.
To assist us and cover the cost as the hospital and rehabilitation is completely non profit, we will have our donations buckets at every event.  We are also offering corporate sponsorships for companies who wish to show they care about conservation and the environment. If you are the CEO of or work for a company that would like to be involved in helping us resuce and save more wild birds of prey let us know and find out the exciting packages we offer.

Welcome Nyah, Volunteer info

Today we welcome Nyah our Russian Steppe Eagle to the team.
After a long drive she has setlled in very nicely and is ready to start her re-training.
Nyah should be ready to meet everyone once the season begins in a few weeks time.


Its frantic time here at KG Hawks as we prepare for the new season.
Lots of birds that will be going on their diets to start shedding their winter weights and be ready to be flying.

KG Hawks is taking applications for volunteer help.
If you have either previous experience handling birds of prey or have a great love for these birds and would like to help please contact us via our web form.
We do not require nor ask for volunteers to give up every day or every weekend, just donate the time you feel you can manage.
Volunteering is not a paid position and we currently have no vacancies for staff.
Please note we do not take everyone as a volunteer, the birds we have do require full attention and care and some are not for the feint hearted!

Baloo Update


Baloo on his perch

Baloo has now been with us for exactly three weeks and it’s hard to believe how much he’s grown and changed! He’s discovered and adores his perch. Though he can’t get up on his perch by himself just yet, we’re happy to help. Once up there, he chatters and squawks and take everything in from this new perspective. He’s gotten very good at flapping his way down and has managed at least one “perfect 10” dismount.

I’ll admit to being quite sad that he no longer cuddles in bed with me at night to watch television, but we are all getting so much enjoyment out of his antics now. He has the silliest little flap-flap-skip that he uses to travel the length of the study and he’s developed a particular fondness for bare toes. He’s adjusted wonderfully to his beautiful personalised anklets  and still snuggles up with his stuffed owl friend when he’s ready for a nap.

Baloo will be traveling with us on Christmas Day up to Martyn’s family’s house for dinner. I just can’t bare to leave him alone for such a long time so he’ll be hoping Santa has left a present for him there.

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas from the KG Hawks family!

10% Off Sale

It took some doing, but we finally got our online shop up and running! As a little celebration, we’ve created a coupon code to give you 10% off anything and everything we have available for sale. Simply add your items to your cart. When you’re done, go to checkout and enter the coupon code:


This code is valid until the 12th of December. Enjoy!

My new fluffy friend


My new friend

Until I came home to KG Hawks, I spent my days nestled up with two other siblings and usually my owl mother. Even though I had started to take a few steps out to explore my world, I always had a warm place to cuddle.

Now, Ashley is my new mom and she’s very warm and cuddly. I especially love to snuggle into her scarf while she’s working – sometimes I even nibble on her chin when she’s not expecting it! There are some times, though, when she has other jobs to do and can’t carry me around all the time.

When I’m not being cuddled, I spend time in the safety of my play pen so that I can’t waddle off and hurt myself or get lost. It can get a tiny bit lonely in here by myself though, so Mom got me a friend today! I am really enjoying being able to nuzzle up to this owl when mom is busy.

Today I am:

  • 20 days old
  • 493 grams (17.4 ounces)



Skelmorlie Primary School Christmas Fair

Before the crowd arrived!

Before the crowd arrived!

KG Hawks is so pleased to have attended the Skelmorlie Primary School Christmas Fair last night! Not only did we manage to help raise funds for the school, we had a wonderful time doing so. Along for the visit were Roscoe, Yeti, Moonpie, Cherokee, and Rascal (listed left to right). Though you can’t see him here, even baby Baloo made an appearance and showed everyone how he gobbles up his dinner. Rascal, our European Kestrel, was the most popular of the night, closely followed by Yeti.

Christmas School Fair

Last night I was lucky enough to visit Skelmorlie Primary School and take part in their Christmas Fair. I didn’t do much but sleep for the first hour and Mom (Ashley) wouldn’t let anybody pet me because she says I’m too young. At 7:00, she woke me up and I saw a rather large crowd gathered around. They were there to watch me eat! I gobbled down my two chicks, made a mess than really stank up the place, and promptly went back to sleep!

Welcome to Yeti, our new Snowy Owl

We would like to welcome Yeti, our new Snowy Owl. He was picked up today after a 9 hour round trip down to Yorkshire.

He has settled in very well and will make his first appearance along with Moonpie, Cherokee and Roscoe at Bow Farm Community Centre, Greenock on the 29th November. Come along and say hello