course-category-imageKG Hawks offers the chance for anyone wishing to take up falconry as a hobby an assortment of courses to ensure they get the most enjoyment from the sport and to ensure the safe well-being of future falconry birds.

We offer one-to-one tutoring with our highly experienced instructor who will be on hand to offer advice even after the course is finished.

Our courses are designed around your free time and will be taught at your pace, so when you complete the course you feel confident in your abilities and we are confident any bird you obtain will be well cared for.

We will help with all aspects of the course including help building your aviary and going with you to pick your first bird.

All courses are taught to Lantra standards and also to the North American Falconers Association Apprenticeship. Please note our courses do not qualify any persons as a falconer for employment purposes.

For further information and to book a course please contact us by email or phone.







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