Birds of Prey Rescue


Here at KG Hawks we are highly committed to conservation.

A large part of this is rescuing wild injured birds of prey and rehabilitating them for re-release back into the wild.

We are in the process of setting up a full rehabilitation hospital at our premises here, which will be able to cope with most injured birds allowing them to recover and be re-released back to the wild.

If we find a bird which is too injured to be released we will make sure that bird is returned to as full health as we can before keeping them in specialist aviaries to live the rest of it’s life out, or we apply for A10 forms for the bird to be used in our education talks which help promote conservation.

The rescue side of KG Hawks is completely non profit. All donations given via our buckets go directly to covering vet bills, food costs and medicines. We operate the rescue side 24/7 and give up our free time to ensure more birds of prey survive.


Should you come across any injured bird of prey please do not touch it unless that bird is in mortal danger, for example being attacked by a cat or a dog. PHONE US immediately on 01475 528982 or 07539 658910 and we will advise you on the course of action. Please be precise with where the bird is, what the bird is doing, whether you can see falconry equipment for example leather straps or a leash from the birds legs.

We will come out with our specialist equipment and attempt to recover the bird. We will take some details from yourselves, as well as pictures of the area found to ensure we re-release the bird back into the same general area.

If the bird is a youngster please under no circumstances touch it. There is a good chance the parents will be nearby.

If you feel the bird is in mortal danger approach the bird with a towel or light jacket, jumper. Attempt to scare off the cat or dog or remove the bird from the roadside by placing the cloth item over the bird and gently lifting it via the chest supporting its legs and place in a large cardboard box. take the clothing off the bird and close the box lid. Please phone us and we will come and collect the bird from you (with a thanks).

We do like to keep people updated with the progress of the birds so please let us know contact details if you do wish to be kept informed.


When called or if a bird is brought to us, our first course of action is to use our many years of experience to determine the birds injuries.

If the birds require minimal medical treatment, for example, exposure we treat the birds accordingly and place in a stress free environment to recover at its own pace. We use minimal human contact for this. The birds details are logged for our own reference and taken back to the are where found for re-release as soon as we feel the bird is fit enough to be returned to the wild.

Should a bird have more extensive injuries we will seek the experience of the specialist avian vets at the Lawrie vet group. These vets are the best in Scotland in treating birds of prey. They are given a thorough check over and medicines issued which we administer via the birds food or directly into the mouth, based on veterinarian advice. This may involve several trips to the vets to check on the birds progress. Once again we note where the bird was found and again based on veterinarian advice we will return the bird to the wild once fully healed.

When feeding the wild birds we try to use as minimal human contact as possible, feeding the birds via special hatches and keeping noise to a minimum.


The food given must be comparable to that found naturally. This means rabbit, mice, pheasant, pigeon etc.  The food is cut up to allow easier digestion.


We always look for volunteers to help with wild bird rescues if you would like to help us please get in touch via the contact us page, giving any previous experience you may have.

This side of KG Hawks is completely non profit, but vet bills, food costs ,medicines are expensive. It can cost upwards of £300 to rehabilitate even minor injuries if medicinal help is required. Currently we pay for this ourselves but we can only do so much without the kind donations we receive at every show. We could use more help via corporate or even personal sponsorships for which in return we offer our falconry services for events and fantastic PR opportunities. If you would like to help support our rescue program please get in touch  via our contact form  for more details.

IF you would like to make a donation via paypal please click on the button below. You may pledge any amount. We thank you for your donations.




 This is Peeper

 Peeper is a 2010 born Tawny Owl, which was rescued and rehabilitated by our good friends at the Loch Lomond Birds of Prey Centre.

 He was gifted to us in December 2014 by Stewart.

 Peeper was attacked by a cat as a young owlet and subsequently lost his eye. Peeper cannot be re-released due to his injuries as it would be impossible for him to hunt effectively.

 We have obtained an A10 form for Peeper which allows us to use him for conservation and education only.

He is very tame and always looks at everyone with such love in his eye.

We hope, with your help, to give many more birds like Peeper a good life and help us to educate people in the conservation of all Birds of Prey.


SUCCESS STORIES  :- read all about the work we do and those we have managed to save and re-release.

SPONSORS :- Our thanks to all of the following people and companies who have helped us save more wild birds.

COMMUNITY PAGE :- Find out how you can help in our community information page. Also contains information on where to see wild birds of prey in your area.

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